World Shoe Expo - The Shoe Festival

The World Shoe expo is an exposition in to the business of shoe manufacturing, modeling & sales, exportation within countries. the expo will provide attendees, models, companies, countries a platform to showcase there footwear products, exchange ideas and concepts, acquire and/or support others.

This next expo will be held in Istanbul, Turkey, a nation known for its superb endeavor in lifestyle, fashion and cultre.
The biggest aim of this expo is connect and expose every participant to the details that go into shoe manufacturing, modeling, sales and exportation. Participants are expected to be business men already exposed and dealing in the shoe fashion industry


Are you a shoe dealer, maker, designer and or exporter? Register for WSE to lunch your business worldwide


Your portfolio as a Shoe dealer is neccesary to build up your selection for the event

Travel Docmentation

Selected participant, will need to have their traveldocuments ready for the trip.


FOW World Media Company

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